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MASTERING TRAINING | 3 x 0.5 days PrAXIS-Training | online-live

Customer centric product strategy

This training course focuses on the customer. Our training provides you with the essential skills and knowledge to accurately segment ‘THE’ customer into customer groups and analyse their needs. Based on this, you will learn how to develop a customer-centred product strategy and implement it in an agile way. Our design thinking experts will show you the tools and best practices to optimise your product strategy and build a long-lasting relationship with your customers.


Product manager training for the development of customer-centred product strategies

  • Interactive online practical training for product managers, PM managers, innovation managers, business development
  • Methods and tools for promoting a customer-centred culture in your company
  • Preparation, implementation and follow-up of customer surveys in the industrial and B2B environment
  • Outcome-based training approach with immediate application to your own situation
  • Scope 3x 0.5 days online live sessions plus e-learning
  • 3x 0.5 days, each 08:30-13:00
  • E-learnings for preparation, Comprehensive documents and tools
  • Comprehensive working documents and templates
  • Panorama online whiteboard for each participant to work through the content interactively
  • PM1 certificate of participation
  • Module for the ‘PM1 Master’ certificate level

Core topics: Integration of customer feedback into a customer-oriented product strategy, agile tools and methods: customer journey mapping, user personas, value proposition canvas, preparing, conducting and following up customer interviews; guidelines; questioning techniques; funnel question technique; defining and validating working hypotheses; green field approach vs. settled situation; customer interview matrix; win-loss analysis; pricing sensitivity meter; Kano

23 – 25 Oct 2024


Training contents and procedure

The product manager continuing education programme Customer Centric Product Strategy comprises 3 x 0.5 days of online-live training.


With the onboarding, you and all other participants will enter the training prepared and with a homogeneous basic knowledge and reference image for effective product management.

  • 4 e-learning modules for all participants for the poster of the same name Product Management Essentials
  • Localisation of customer centricity in the PM process navigator
  • Duration approx. 1h, online and independent

Session 1 Customer centricity and where to start

In this session, we want to find an introduction to the topic of customer centricity, what benefits we can derive from it and how we can get started:

  • What actually is customer centricity?
  • The magic of the product-market fit
  • Why are customer surveys so important?
  • Understanding the ‘big picture’
  • Learning from a practical example: Review of a full-scale case study
  • Where do you start and what do you need to bear in mind?

Session 2 Plan and conduct customer interviews

The linchpin of customer centricity is to identify and understand the customer’s perspective. Conducting customer interviews plays a central role in this. But watch out! Many mistakes are made here in practice. In this session, we will show you what is important.

  • Key skills for conducting interviews
  • Funnel technique for preparing and conducting interviews
  • Tips and tricks for conducting interviews
  • Practical exercises for conducting interviews
  • Planning and organising interviews

Session 3 Further methods for customer centricity

In the last session, we will show you further methods and approaches for creating customer centricity. You will repeatedly go into immediate application and take the first results home with you:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Creation of interviewee profiles
  • Interview documentation and securing results
  • Creation of real insights
  • Translation of insights into product requirements
  • Win-loss analyses as a shortcut for determining customer benefit expectations
  • Price sensitivity metre to determine the optimum price point

The goal: Maximise the success of your products with customer-centric strategies and agile methods

Agile methods and tools are revolutionising the way companies plan, develop and implement projects. In a fast-paced world where requirements are constantly changing and flexibility is key, agile approaches provide a framework that allows organisations to adapt to changing conditions while maintaining an efficient and focused way of working.

In our Deep Dive training, you will be introduced to the world of customer-centric methods and learn how to implement these principles effectively in product management. You will understand how to change product development towards agile thinking and acting and how to systematically capture customer requirements and translate them into product requirements. In addition, we will explore different agile frameworks and tools so that you gain a deep understanding of how to develop customer-centric products with agile efficiency. Through hands-on exercises and case studies, you will gain the skills to manage the entire product lifecycle in an agile way, from ideation to launch and beyond. As an online live version, this training offers geographical flexibility and can be easily integrated into your daily work routine.

The target group: For product managers, heads of product management, business development and development managers

This training is aimed at product managers and heads of product management who want to deepen their skills in agile product management. In addition, this training is recommended for business development managers and development managers who want to transform their organisation towards agile, customer-centric product development. As a basis for this training, we recommend attending the PM1 product manager boot camp.

Your benefit: Optimised product strategies and sustainable customer loyalty


Increase your methods & tool expertise

In our practical workshop, you will apply the methods and tools you have learnt directly to your own products.


Holistic integration of agile methods

You will learn how to optimally combine Duden’s customer-centric approach with traditional product management methods to maximise your product market success.


Outcome-based and work results digital

Each participant works interactively directly on their own panorama whiteboard, which brings together the training content in a holistic way. You will also receive digital work results and templates.


Flexibility, cost efficiency and global reach

The training is easy to integrate into your own schedule and requires no travelling costs or time.


Expert access and practical relevance

All trainers were product managers and heads of product management themselves, and draw on in-depth experience and ongoing projects to establish and expand product management across various industries in the B2B environment.


Baustein zum Zertifikatslevel PM1-Master

Secure a demonstrable qualification with the PM1 certification programme. With this training programme, you will complete a module for the PM1 Master level.

Our online training courses: interactive and productive

Our online training courses follow the outcome-based training approach. The structure and process are based on specific types of results that are developed in the respective training course. Each participant works interactively on their own panorama whiteboard, which brings together all the content.

This creates a clear overview and enables valuable work results. The results are put into a presentable form during the training, which can later be used for communication with stakeholders in the company. This results in high practical relevance and transfer. The workshop offers a balanced mix of method input and direct application.

What we say

The concentrated load of product management – a systematic and practical approach for the product managers of tomorrow.

L. Tändler, Produktmanager, Mehrer Compression


Go out to the customer!

80% of products that come onto the market fail because they do not fulfil customer needs. That’s millions in lost revenue and ‘sunk’ R&D costs for a company. And perhaps a career killer for product managers. On the other hand, companies and product managers that have invested in customer-centric methods and truly understand customer needs outperform other companies in their industry by over 200%.

The PM1 training programme

Our training programme provides you with all the essential building blocks for successful and effective product management.

PM1 element training

Get to know our 4-hour practical workshops with selected product management focus topics.

We advise you on your questions using our product management framework.

Product manager coaching

In addition to traditional training, we support you with your specific topics and tasks.