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PM1 elements | 4-hour turbo workout | online-live

Business case & roadmapping

In this 4-hour workshop, we will show you two elementary tools in product management: the business case and the product roadmap.

The business case provides a quantitative assessment of the financial performance of your product and enables you to analyse and compare strategy scenarios. Ultimately, the business case determines whether a product development or launch is an economically viable investment.

Learn how to optimally design the product roadmap as a visualisation tool for planned developments and the long-term strategy of a product and how to use it as a communication and management tool for your stakeholders.

What awaits you …

You will receive step-by-step instructions on how to create a business case template and roadmaps for your company. For the business case, we will work out all relevant economic key figures (contribution margin, ROI, break-even, etc.), simulate various scenarios and their positive and negative effects on profitability. We will also show you how to prepare business case calculations and roadmaps for decision-making bodies.

For the workshop, please think in advance about possible assumptions and working hypotheses such as sales forecasts, market trends and competitive factors.


Elements training –
Business case & roadmapping

Create a business case template for your company and use the product roadmap as a management tool with confidence.

  • Compact 4-hour online-live format – can be flexibly integrated into everyday working life
  • Hands-on focus: In these training sessions, you can try things out in practice and bring your own cases with you
  • For newcomers, experienced product managers without training, or as a refresher
  • Prior participation in the PM1 Boot Camp is recommended
  • Outcome-based training approach for direct work results and maximum practical transfer
  • Digital training manual as PDF

Core topics: Contribution margin calculation, break-even and ROI calculation, introduction to a business case XLS tool

11 Nov 2024


Your benefit

  • You only book the training modules that you need to optimise your PM skillset
  • Hands-on focus: In these training sessions, you can try out methods even more intensively and bring your own cases with you
  • Compact 4-hour online-live format – can be flexibly integrated into your daily work routine
  • Can be booked individually or as part of the PM1 Community subscription
  • Prior participation in the PM1 Boot Camp is recommended
PM essentials for interfaces & stakeholders
Step by step to successful market segmentation
Creation of a market potential calculation model
Systematic recording of customer benefit expectations


Methods and tools for analysing the competition
Develop and evaluate strategic options
Product positioning and marketing instruments
Calculate business cases and create roadmaps
Introduction to the PM1 Product Manager Toolbox

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