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PM1 Produktmanager Boot Camp Compact

The PM1 Boot Camp Compact will get you off to an even faster start as a strategic PM. The compact online version of the foundation training to become a strategic product manager is aimed at all newcomers and experienced product managers in an industrial environment who prefer geographical flexibility and minimal disruption to their day-to-day work. To enable colleagues from an international environment to participate, we offer the compact version in English. The training comprises 2 modules, each consisting of three consecutive sessions of 4.5 hours each.


  • Solid foundation training to become a strategic product manager in the industrial and B2B environment
  • For newcomers, experienced product managers without training, or as a refresher
  • Total scope 6 sessions of 4.5 hours each in 2 modules, plus several hours of e-learning to prepare
  • In compact online live format for geographical and time flexibility
  • Available training languages English or German – ideal for international PM teams
  • Outcome-based training approach for direct work results and maximum practical transfer
  • Pre-structured panorama online whiteboards for each participant to interactively work through the content
  • Training manual in PDF format Completed sample product business plan as PDF, product business plan as template in PPT format
  • Further extensive PM toolbox in XLS and PPT format Detailed log of all illustrations as PDF
  • PM1 Essentials poster in A1 format in DE and EN Certificate of participation for PM1 Product Manager Boot Camp
  • Admission to the PM1 Professional certificate level

Core topics: The PM as entrepreneur, PM roles, PM core function, PM processes, product life cycle management, product business plan, market structure analysis, market potential determination, customer benefit analysis, competition analysis, strategic options, marketing instruments, quantification of strategy, tools in product portfolio management

05 – 14 Mrz 2024

Thomas Bauch



05 – 14 Nov 2024

Thomas Bauch



Training content and procedure

The PM1 Boot Camp Compact Product Manager training comprises 2 consecutive modules with 3 sessions of 4.5 hours each.


During the onboarding phase, you will enter the training with all other participants prepared and with a homogeneous basic knowledge and reference picture for effective product management. In addition, you will select relevant topics from practice for application in the outcome-based training.

  • 5 e-learning modules for all participants on the poster of the same name Product Management Essentials and Product Business Plan
  • Selection of the product for the product business plan
  • Duration approx. 3-4h, online and self-paced

Session 1 Product Management Essentials

We start with a look at your role as a product manager or product marketing manager and get to know the PM1 product management map with all relevant PM processes.

  • The PM1 manifesto: the PM as entrepreneur
  • PM core function, PM roles and tasks
  • PM competence model, PM process levels product, portfolio and corporate strategy
  • Product life cycle, market life cycle and technology life cycle

Session 2 Product Business Plan  – Market Analysis Part 1

We work together to develop the framework for market analysis as a foundation for product strategy and get to know the most important tools and methods as well as their links.

  • Market structure analysis with segmentation
  • Market potential analysis
  • Market trend analysis and identification of influencing exogenous factors

Session 3 Product Business Plan  – Market Analysis Part 2

In the second part of the market analysis, you systematically examine your customer groups and learn tools with which you can structure your findings in order to derive actions and strategies.

  • Determination of customer pays & gains and customer benefit expectations and purchase decision criteria
  • Influence of recommenders
  • Evaluation of current market access
  • Competitive analysis and SWOT analysis

Session 4  Product Business Plan  – Product Strategy Part 1

Together, we embark on a strategic journey and learn how to manage the development, positioning and marketing of a product so that your product is successfully established on the market.

  • Determination of the product vision as well as company and product market goals
  • Methodology of strategic brainstorming based on basic strategies and derivation of strategic options
  • Selection of target segments and development of effective customer value propositions for product positioning

Session 5 Product Business Plan  – Product Strategy Part 2

We end the strategic journey by detailing the strategy and evaluating the strategic options.

  • Marketing mix: product, service, price, distribution and communication strategy
  • Product roadmapping and action planning
    Business case & ROI calculation


Session 6 Strategic Product Portfolio Management (PPM)

Since as a PM you often also have portfolio responsibility for several products, we teach you the essential keys to success for effective PPM and equip you with the most important tools and methods:

  • Benefits and core elements of the PPM process
  • Top 5 tools and their application: Innovation funnel, 9-field matrix, competitive portfolio comparison, price-performance comparison, multifactorial ABC analysis
  • Basics of target portfolio definition and phase-out process

The goal: To get off to an even more effective start as an entrepreneur for the product

In the PM1 Boot-Camp Compact for Product Managers, newcomers to product management can familiarize themselves with all the essential building blocks of product management in an even shorter time and find their feet even more quickly in their role as the entrepreneur for the product. Available as a live online version and in English and German, this training offers geographical flexibility and can be easily integrated into everyday working life. It is also particularly suitable for internationally oriented and geographically dispersed product management teams. And with our online whiteboards, you can continue working interactively with your colleagues across disciplines and countries immediately after the training.

The target group: For product management newcomers and experienced product managers as a refresher course

Like our 5-day „All-in“ boot camp, this training was designed for all newcomers to product management in companies in the industrial and B2B environment. These are often engineers and technicians who were previously in development, sales or service and now want to prepare for their role as a product manager.

As an online live version and in English and German, the training is particularly suitable for international and geographically dispersed PM teams.

At the same time, product managers who have been working in this position for several years and have not yet received systematic training, as well as experienced product managers who want to refresh and deepen their methodological knowledge, will benefit greatly from the training. Even business economists who have already dealt intensively with marketing during their studies regularly confirm the great benefits of the training program tailored to PM.

Your benefit: The fastest way to professionalism and effectiveness in product management


Self-confidence and orientation

You will internalize what it means to be an entrepreneur for the product, readjust your previous position and learn to navigate confidently through the processes of product management.


Effectiveness and speed

You will learn and immediately apply important skills, methods and tools that will significantly increase your effectiveness as a product manager.


Outcome-based and digital results

Each participant works interactively directly on their own panorama whiteboard, which brings together all the training content. You will also receive digital work results and ready-to-use templates.


Flexibility, cost efficiency and global reach

The training is easy to integrate into your own schedule and requires no travel costs or time. Participants from different parts of the world can easily take part.


Expert access and practical relevance

All trainers have themselves been product managers and heads of product management, and draw on in-depth experience and ongoing projects to establish and expand product management across various industries in the B2B environment.


Certification PM1-Professional

Secure a demonstrable qualification with the PM1 certification program. This training program lays the foundation for the PM1 Professional certificate level.

Our online trainings:
interactive und productive

Our online training courses follow the outcome-based training approach. The structure and process are based on specific types of results that are developed in the respective training course. Each participant works interactively on their own panorama online whiteboard, which brings together all the content. And after the training, you can immediately continue working interactively with your colleagues across disciplines and countries.

This creates a clear overview and enables valuable work results. The results of the training are put into a presentable form that can later be used for communication with stakeholders in the company. This results in high practical relevance and transfer. The workshop offers a balanced mix of method input and direct application.

What we say

Very well-organized, structured course that explains the topic of product management in a practical and comprehensive manner. The content and the findings derived from it have already helped us enormously in our further development in product management after the first two modules.

K. Brinkmann, Head of Sales Headquarter, SMC Deutschland

What we say

The concentrated load of product management – a systematic and practical approach for the product managers of tomorrow.

L. Tändler, Produktmanager, Mehrer Compression


What we say

The systematic approach of the event and the creation of the business plan showed us where we were well positioned and where we still had gaps and how we could close them in order to better meet customer needs – with added value. I would highly recommend this course to any product manager – with or without product management experience.

B. Duchstein, Produktmanager, Korsch